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Women and Circus [Book] ~ Free shipping

“Žene & Cirkus // Women & Circus” is a bilingual book (Croatian/English) on women’s role in the development of this progressive performing genre. The book was produced after the same-named multidisciplinary conference held in Zagreb, Croatia. Historians, ethnologists, theatre specialists, social and cultural anthropologists, artists and journalists offer their view on women’s essential contribution to the circus history and present.

Peta Tait, Janet M. Davis, Yoram S. Carmeli, Valérie Fratellini, Rose English, Anne Quentin, Nataša Govedić, Magali Sizorn, Jana Drašler, Jessica Kendall, Camilla Damkjaer, Laura Herts and Ivan Kralj are the ones whose words fill out 544 pages of this edition.

The richly illustrated book also presents 191 photographs and illustrations from private and public archives. Some of them are published for the first time in “Women & Circus”.
Editor of the book is Ivan Kralj, one of the most awarded Croatian journalists, director of Croatian Festival novog cirkusa and project manager of Circus Information Archive in Zagreb.

How to order?
Please order by e-mail.
The price of the book is 39 euros + 17 euros (shipping costs).
The amount should be paid via bank transfer onto the account of Mala performerska scena, Ilirski trg 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Bank: Zagrebacka banka, Savska 60, Zagreb, Croatia
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Some of the chapter titles...

  • Circus vs. Conservative Postulates:
  • Woman is not Destined to be Miraculous
  • Female Circus Performers and Artification:
  • the Passage to Art and Its Implications
  • From Traditional to New Circus:
  • Women’s Place and Aesthetics
  • Legendary Performances:
  • Gendered Outrage in Australian Circus (Oz)
  • Brazen, Bare, Beautiful and Bearded:
  • Circus Women and the Making of Modernity
  • At the Circus Backstage:
  • Women, Domesticity and Motherhood
  • Taming the Pain:
  • Female Body in Circus Performance
  • The White Clown without His Auguste
  • The Ropresentation of Gender
  • Heavenly Horses & Exquisite Equestriennes

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