Squaring the Wheel [Jens Altheimer]

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21 & 22 January at 12.30pm
23-25 January 10am & 12.30pm

Circus Ronaldo Tent – Sydney Festival, Hyde Park, Festival Village

COST: $20
MORE INFO:  www.sydneyfestival.org.au  |  www.facebook.com
AGE GROUP:  Family show suitable for ages + 5

MEMBERS ALERT: Jens has generously provided us with 2 double passes [dates to be confirmed] to give away to our members. Check out the Members Only section to find out how win your double pass… [Season runs 21st to 25th January 2014]




A thingamaBoBBish theatre-circus comedy.
Created and performed by Jens Altheimer

Squaring the Wheel combines circus, clown, strange mechanisms and contraptions, puppetry, magic and music into an unusual, thingamabobbish theatre extravaganza.

A flying broom, two ugly screaming babies, 17 balls, 34 meters of bent steel, 483 welded points and 15 marching eggs are just the tip of the iceberg of unexpected, transformed wacky materials and objects.

Unpredictable, funny, touching, highly visual and occasionally out of control, it is a clever theatre adventure for the whole family in thinking out of the box.

Topsy-turvy ways to look at things, teamed with imagination, transform a pile of junk into a resourceful repository of gadgets and circus props, into life and friendship supporting odds and ends …all done in an hilarious and ultimately very human way of complicating simple things.

Following the 10 am shows, stay for an interactive workshop into the science behind the wacky contraptions and get inspired to build your own little universe of pulleys, catapults and chain-reaction machines back home.

Devised and performed by Jens Altheimer.