SCOTCH AND SODA – Sydney Festival

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WHEN: 10th to 26th January 2014
COST: $55/$50 General admission

A whiskey-soaked evening of raucous dance and dexterous feats.

Combine the performers of Cantina with some of the stars of Smoke & Mirrors, La Clique, Circa and Tom Tom Crew and you’ve got yourself a rowdy mob of misfits. Throw in the gypsy-infused stylings of The Crusty Suitcase Band, with the driving beats of Ben Walsh, and things could start to get spectacularly messy.

Some of Australia’s finest acrobats and music-makers butt heads to create Scotch and Soda, a whiskey-soaked evening of raucous dance and dexterous feats – where the band holds centre stage.

Channelling the vibe of a rowdy whiskey joint, Scotch and Soda will rollick along late into the evening -naturally – in the Circus Ronaldo Tent.

The Festival Village is a licensed venue after 4:30pm each day. All minors attending shows or events must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Company 2:
David Carberry – Acrobat/Circus Performer.
Chelsea McGuffin – Acrobat/Circus Performer.
Daniel Catlow – Acrobat/Circus Performer.
Mozes – Acrobat/Circus Performer.
Simon Mitchell – Rigger.

Crusty Suitcase Band:
Ben Walsh – Drums/Compositions.
Matt Ottignon – Reeds.
Lucian McGuiness – Sousaphone/Trombone.
Eden Ottignon – Double Bass.
Justin Fermino – Reeds.

Photo: Sean Young