APAC [Australian Partner Acrobatic Convention]

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WHEN: 1st & 2nd February 2014.
WHERE: Australian Cheerleading, 3D/433 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
COST: $100 participant for the whole weekend  |  $25 spectator/coach pass per day  |  $15 gala show
MORE INFO:  Facebook  |  contact Chris Carlos 0402721278 partneracro@gmail.com
ACCESS: Wheel chair access for the gala show
AGES: All ages are welcome.

APAC is aiming to reduce the distance between four very similar acrobatic disciplines; Acroyoga, Cheerleading, Circus and Sports Acrobatics. With over 25 workshops over two days APAC is designed to inspire new collaborations and help grow Australian acrobatics.

Held at Australian Cheerleading in north Fitzroy, APAC will host some of Australia’s best trainers and practitioners for two days in early Feburary. Catering for all skill levels participants will learn skills from the following disciplines:

Acroyoga: Less dynamic, Acroyoga focuses on fluidity of sequences with a partner. Acroyoga also has therapeutic massage techniques that are very useful to look after your partners body.

Cheerleading: With workshops in both partner stunting and group pitching, this world class competitive sport has some uniquely incredible dynamic skills that are a great addition to any aspiring acrobat.

Circus: Focusing on both duo and group acrobatics the circus element brings skills such as knockabout, toss the girl and group pyramids. Circus will help bring character and performance into your acrobatics.

Sports Acrobatics: An elite competitive sport, Sports Acro has both dynamic and balance elements. The workshops will focus on techniques for beginners as well as higher skilled duo and some fun trio work.

Other complimentary workshops will be on offer throughout the weekend such as handstands, breakdancing, tumbling and yoga.

There are no age or experience requirements for the convention. All workshops will be labelled 1-5 in difficulty. Some of the higher levelled workshops will have prerequisites but we are aiming to cater for all skill levels throughout the weekend where possible.

The Saturday will culminate with a showcase of some of the best of each discipline. Show starts at 7.30