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Westside Circus - SPECIAL DEAL for Schools

Westside Circus Community Access Program SPECIAL DEAL for Schools!!!

Westside Circus is offering a special 20% discount on SCHOOL PROGRAMS  that are booked in to be completed by end of 2011.

To take advantage of this offer, contact Cynthia by the 15th of November or call 03 9383 2299

Westside Circus offers on and offsite Access Programs for Schools.

Our workshops and programs help develop your student’s skill through

  • Acrobatics (solo, duo & group)
  • Aerials (trapeze, tissu & rope)
  • Manipulation (such as juggling & hula hoops)
  • Equilibristic (solo, duo & group)
  • Fitness & Strength

Our programs also enhance curriculum in areas such as drama, dance, health and physical education and address a range of Victorian Essential Learning Standards taught in English, Science and other streams. 

We deliver a range of circus programs that can be developed to your needs or address issues such as:

  • Disconnection from school
  • Poor body image/self confidence
  • Unsafe risk taking and bullying
  • Teamwork and personal goal setting
  • Positive risk-taking
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving

We promote a FUN environment and emphasise:

  • Respect and Courage
  • Innovation and Imagination
  • Integrity
  • Social Justice and Diversity
  • Connection/Teambuilding
  • Health
  • Sustainability

The Access Program can make a significant difference to the lives of young people by promoting social inclusion, innovative artistic expression, and a harmonious community through circus arts.

Professional Development sessions are also available for teachers.

To organise a workshop or discuss your ideas for a program please contact us at

Westside Circus [Warehouse 2 / 29 Cameron Street, Brunswick VIC 3056]

For specialised VELS content please contact the Access Program Coordinator