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Youth Circus in Australia and New Zealand

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ACT Warehouse Circus Inc. NSW Aerialize: Sydney Aerial Theatre Australian Institute of Circus Arts Catapult Festival Cate Cunningham [Independent] Circartus Circus 35 Circus Akimbo Circus Arts Byron Bay Circus Avalon Circus Monoxide Circus Unique Circus West  / Dubbo College Delroy Campus Cirque du Scout Flying

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KINETICA 524x349


Kinetica is a not-for-profit contemporary circus company and circus school based in Perth, Western Australia. Formed in 2012 by a collective of passionate local circus artists, Kinetica’s performances blend highly skilled circus acts with dance, quirky theatrics and hilarious off-the-wall story lines. In 2013, Kinetica’s

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Natural Wings

Natural Wings is an Aerial-Dance-Theatre company who produces shows rich in skills and imagery. Be it in the middle of the outback, a theatre, or street arts festival; Natural Wings’ performances resonate with people of all ages and cultures, using the universal language of the

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Bizircus is based in Fremantle Western Australia, performing all over the world. Bizircus specializes in combining highly-skilled circus acts with hilarious comedy. The company began 23 years ago as a collective of acrobats, artists, street performers and musicians. Since then the company has been dedicated

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