[Skye Gellmann] The Act of Storytelling Podcast


[Skye Gellmann] The Act of Storytelling Podcast

The Act of Storytelling

Podcast 16 with circus maker & performer Skye Gellmann

A podcast about Australian storytelling in all its forms, hosted by and featuring Australians in the arts industry.

Podcast 16: Skye Gellman

Bravery and Introspection prove to be hot topics this month, as Nick and Lauren deliver insight into their lives for Podcast 16.

They are also lucky enough to sit down with multi-faceted circus maker, Skye Gellmann, to talk about his unique vision of art; delving deep into Skye’s mind to explore audience cognition, the future of circus and an artist’s life on the streets. It’s a completely new perspective on storytelling for the podcast as we’re taken through the reimagined role of circus in modern society and Skye’s pioneering thoughts around “making circus like music”.

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