Flashpoint Forum - a national event


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The Flashpoint Forum has now finished.

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Less conference – more festival!!!

The World Needs Saving
and Circus & Physical Theatre is the Answer.

Wed Nov 10 – Sat Nov 13
Legs on the Wall Precinct
Lilyfield, Sydney

With an opening night cocktail party and closing night South American BBQ, Fabulous Renegade Cabaret each evening and a fresh vibrant forum - we’ve got a program rammed with non-stop circus & physical theatre action - the ACAPTA national event promises to be talked about for weeks, nay months to follow.

Don’t miss this exciting “got to be there” 4-day mini-festival!



We’ve done away with the old conference structure. This is not about attending an event and passively consuming content presented by “experts”, because there’s nothing worse than re-hashing the same material year after year.

Our creative facilitator, Geoff Brown (check him on youtube) will guide the group, using a model called OPEN SPACE - honour the past, reviewing the state of things and chart the course for the future together.

Because, if we don’t do it – someone will do it for us.

This is about:
YOU, as a participant being the “expert”.
YOU, as a participant in the group actively producing the forum’s contents.
YOU, as a unique voice in the big picture.

All you need to bring is your passion about the things that are important to you. The topics covered could be anything – technology, audiences, funding – ANYTHING that is critical to you, your work and the community you work in.

We’re putting you in charge of the forum agenda.

OPEN SPACE is about making connections with each other, talking and leaving with a picture of the future.


No panel discussions
No boring lectures
No keynote speakers
No tedious powerpoint presentations
Oowing and aaahing at some “expert” – because YOU are the expert!


The forum opens spectacularly with a deluxe cocktail party and a lush dinner –expect something unexpected!

Nights two and three there’ll be a BBQ & Beer – we’re finally taking Jon Hawkes’ advice.  Then hold onto your hats for the Remarkable Renegade Cabaret in our renegade club.

The final closing night extravaganza will feature the performance REPTILIAN created in the masterclass with Witness Relocation (all the way from NYC) and a South American BBQ. "Arrrreeee bah!"


Ø  The catering is going to be incredible. A full registration covers the cocktail party and opening night dinner, the 3 BBQs, lunch morning and afternoon tea each day.

Ø  There will be surprise performances – so watch out!

Ø  What if you can’t make it to the whole thing? You can register for single days, which includes lunch and either a morning or afternoon tea that day. You can pay for the renegade cabaret and BBQs separately at a bargain price of $10 each. The opening night dinner on its own is $60.

Ø  We’re inviting anyone who would like to perform in the renegade cabaret to get in touch – admin@acapta.org.au


Open Space forum
Opening night cocktail party and dinner
2 “BBQs & Beers”
2 nights of Remarkable Renegade Cabaret
REPTILIAN performance
South American BBQ
3 Morning/afternoon tea and lunch
Members: $425
Concession: $325

Forum only:
Open Space forum
3 Morning/afternoon tea and lunch
Members: $325
Concession: $225
Non-members: $400

Day rate:
Open Space forum
Morning/afternoon tea and lunch that day
All: $80

½ day rate:
½ day of Open Space forum
Morning or afternoon tea and lunch that day
All: $50

Opening night cocktail party and dinner
all tix $60

$10 – single tickets – each of the following can be purchased for a tenner
Renegade cabaret (day 2 & 3)
BBQ & Beers (day 2 & 3)
Reptilian performance (closing night extravaganza)
South American BBQ (closing night extravaganza)

Legs on the Wall Precinct
91 Canal Road Lilyfield NSW 2040


5pm Wed Nov 10 - late Sat Nov 13


Call us on 03 9329 9600 or email admin@acapta.org.au