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ACAPTA have had a very big year and are very proud to have been able to deliver the following initiatives and projects in 2013:

  • Produced the enormously successful, Inaugural Circus Sector Sesh in Melbourne.
  • Undertook a national Circus and Physical Theatre Remuneration Survey to benchmark the sector. Report due in 2014.
  • Presented Internationally acclaimed Derek Scott’s Physical Theatre Workshop; Rhythms of the Stage.
  • Presented the 2013 National Youth Circus Symposium in partnership with Warehouse Circus in Canberra.
  • Continued our partnership with the Catapult Festival (Bathurst) supporting the ongoing curatorial development of the merging emerging young artists’ project and the continued development of the ‘our mob’ circus arts project in preparation for the 2014 Festival, April 7 – 14 (registrations now open)
  • Managed the PASS (peer assessment street safety) Project for the City of Melbourne – we pay all our assessor’s for their time and expertise
  • Continued to work in partnerships with:
    - Gasworks Park who presented Circus Showdown
    - Regional Arts Victoria to develop schools touring opportunities for the circus arts [Jens Altheimer - Squaring the Wheel and Asking For Trouble. Jens has since been selected for Country Arts WA 2014 Shows on the Go Tour with his 2013 Adelaide Fringe Award winning- Best Presentation for Children]
  • Sponsored the Melbourne Juggling Convention and presented an Industry seminar
  • Sponsored the Best Emerging Circus Performer Award, at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival – awarded to Morgan Wilson.
  • Published 11 Access All Areas (our monthly e-bulletin)
  • Provided information, referrals, resources, support letter for funding applications and advice for members and other groups who want to engage with the Australian circus Arts community.
  • Revamped and updated our website, creating a members sign in section and a new resources section
  • Gail attended a number of key International networking events to support and advocate for the inclusion of Australian Circus Artists and Companies in European projects scheduled for 2014 – 2015
  • Brokered and coordinated a youth arts workshop with Cirque du Soleil’s  OVO cast  for 40 young circus artists from: FFFC, Circus Oz, Women’s circus and Westside Circus
  • Supported 4 young circus artists from Sandfly Circus in Broome to attend: MJ: Immortal World Tour Arena spectacular (Cirque du Soleil) in Melbourne
  • Supported and attended: the Digital Acrobatics: Performing the Circus Oz Living Archive Conference at RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne
  • Supported Australian circus arts companies who attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by inviting international producer’s to see their shows
  • Supported and attended: Live Arts Australia’s Producer’s Summit in Adelaide
  • Supported National Youth Circus Day celebrations
  • Held an ACAPTA fundraiser.
  • ACAPTA was extensively involved in the restructure of NICA and held discussions with all the key stakeholder’s. We released a statement to the press, which unreservedly stated that: the Australian Circus Arts Sector supports our world-class Circus Arts tertiary training institution and under no circumstances are we prepared to see the institution, courses, staff or students compromised.
  • Partnered with the inaugural Mullumbimby Circus Festival which was extremely successful and this event will become part of our national events calendar. The next festival will be presented in 2015.
  • Gail attended the Western Australian Circus Festival for the first time ever in January and met with members to discuss key issues effecting the sector in WA
  • Gail continued to broker new opportunities for circus artists by engaging in discussions with key funding bodies and government agencies
  • Baylee Collins [ACAPTA Chair] hosted a series of sector talks and Gail attended and met with our members.
  • ACAPTA is a key member of the AICV (Arts Industry Council of Victoria
  • Gail continued to represent the Australian Circus Arts on: the Helpmann Dance and Physical Theatre Panel and the Green Room, Alternative, Hybrid and Performance panel and for the first time ever in the history of this panel we presented an: Innovation and Excellence in Circus award, which went to: Carousel - One Trick Pony (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012)

Add to that our recently announced Organisations Investment Program funding from Arts Victoria and Australia Council support for a Cultural Leadership program for 2014 and we are in a really strong position for 2014 to continue to lead, advocate for, and develop our increasingly energetic community of artists and practitioners.


IMAGE: A4 Circus Ensemble at ACAPTA Fundraiser         PHOTOGRAPHER:  Jarrod Rose, Jayrow Photography