Literacy and Circus unite for education, fun and relationship building

Westside Circus invites media, funders & partners to attend book launch

Westside Circus is to launch three new children’s story books made with the art and design of three Hume playgroups and celebrates with circus performances by the 3-5 year old participants and their guardians on December 9 and 12.

Tumbling Stories, a ten week circus and literacy program, has been developed to meet the needs of newly arrived and refugee families from playgroups across Melbourne, many of whom  do not currently have the opportunity to meet the social and developmental needs of their children due to a lack of community resources or access to social activities.

Three Hume playgroups have been working and playing in equal measure with professional circus trainers and a visual artist to develop the artwork and stories for each of the books. Their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment will culminate with the launch of three story books and a showcase of circus skills by the 3 – 5 year old participants and their guardians from the City Of Hume playgroups.

Based on a model that Westside Circus has been developing over the last 5 years, Tumbling Stories is a multi-disciplinary program that combines circus, art and story making to promote literacy, language development and strengthened familial and community relationships. Physical memory (ie performing balance shapes, such as cat, rocket etc) is used as the catalyst to reinforce language memory providing a fun and social environment for children to learn new words. Storytelling, drama and art activities build on these experiences to form the basis of the story book. Children develop literacy skills, participate in physical activity and discover new ways to play and learn together with their guardians.

This program has been made possible through funding by the Department of Social Services, Helen Macpherson Trust, the Ian Potter Foundation, Arts Victoria, the Australia Council and a partnership with VICSEG, Bethal Primary School and Meadow Heights Primary School.


Tumbling Stories – Book Launch Dates

Meadow Heights Primary School (Group 1)
Where: Meadow Heights, 50 Paringa Blvd,
Meadow Heights VIC 3048
When: Monday 9th of December, 10:50am
Meadow Heights Primary School (Group 2)
Where: Meadow Heights, 50 Paringa Blvd, Meadow Heights VIC 3048
When: Monday 12th of December,12:30pm

Bethal Primary School   
Where: Bethal Primary School, 26 – 52 Eldorado Crescent,   Meadow Heights VIC 3048
When: Thursday 12th of December, 10:00am


About Westside Circus:

Westside Circus exists to make a positive difference to the lives of young people aged 3–25 from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. We practice circus arts in a social context, and aspire to a world of creativity and imagination, where physical and emotional health and wellbeing are universal. Our innovative programs build confidence in young people and assist them to develop positive relationships with peers, family and community.

MORE INFO: For media enquiries, to register your attendance or request images please contact Ruby Dwyer (Administration Coordinator) on 9383 2299 or