Westside Circus is very excited to present our new performance ensemble – The Westside Circus Troupe, featuring the talents of workshop participants, trainers, emerging artists and other professionals associated with the company. Their debut show Travelling Light is a versatile performance that combines strong ensemble work and group acrobatics with high level circus skills such as “toss the girl”, hat juggling, club passing, adagio and manipulation. The sophisticated design by Emily Barrie mixes the dusty decadence of being lost at Hanging Rock with the eccentric styling of steam-punk to express the universal theme ‘arrival – new lands, new lives’. The show can be adapted for various sites and venues, indoors and out, and includes interactive roving elements and stage pieces.

Travelling Light made its premier appearance as part of the Docklands Fireworks for the City of Melbourne.

“Westside Circus’ team did a fantastic job bringing the Docklands to life for two nights in July to complement the City of Melbourne Fireworks program. It was a combination of high energy circus work, with touches of intrigue, fun and theatrics. The performers engaged the crowd both in a roving and circle set up, and created a ‘pied piper’ type reaction from the kids as they made their way along the Promenade. We look  Claire Gresty (City Of Melbourne)

Photo Opportunity: The Westside Circus Troupe will be performing on Sunday the 15th of September as part of the Banyule Youth Festival at Macleod Park (next to the Macleod train station) and invite media to attend. Media photo opportunities scheduled at 2:00pm, 2:50pm and 3:40pm. Contact Ruby Dwyer on 9383 2299 or info@westsidecircus.org.au to register your attendance.


About Westside Circus:

Westside Circus exists to make a positive difference to the lives of young people aged 3–25 from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. We practice circus arts in a social context, and aspire to a world of creativity and imagination, where physical and emotional health and wellbeing are universal. Our innovative programs build confidence in young people and assist them to develop positive relationships with peers, family and community.

MORE INFO: For media enquiries, image requests and to arrange an interview with Westside Circus CEO, Simon Clarke please contact Ruby Dwyer on 9383 2299 or info@westsidecircus.org.au.