Attention School Principals and Performing arts teachers,

The Theatre Kimberley Outreach programme is seeking expressions of interest for 2014 and the amazing Youth Visual Theatre Festival, to which their partners and friends are invited to participate in. This event will form a large part of their Outreach Programme for 2014 and will help celebrate the amazing things that your students have achieved as part of their programme delivery to your school over the last 3-5 years.

(Visual theatre = multi-disciplined performing arts practices that are employed to tell stories whilst not relying heavily on written scripts and texts)

All Kimberley schools are welcome to attend even if you have not been part of our Outreach Programme. Being part festival, part conference, it will be just as relevant to students as it will be to teachers.

Some schools will be able to apply for the opportunity to work with an artist in residence as part of our funded programme (the schools only need to supply in kind support in the form of accommodation for artist an travel and accommodation for students to attend the festival.) to help your kids prepare to perform in the festival, however opportunities will be limited. Preference will be given to schools who have been participating in our Outreach programme to date, after that allocation of artists will depend on need/ timetabling and cost.

It will be an opportunity for all schools in the Kimberley region to showcase their performing arts programme achievements. It will be an opportunity for teachers of performing arts to gain valuable support and professional development to help keep their performing arts programmes vibrant and meaningful.

Teachers and students will have an opportunity to work with some exceptional visual theatre practitioners from around Australia.

This is a very different outreach programme in 2014 as it will be the last year of their Looking Forward funding that has helped fund the programme that they have been delivering across the Kimberley over the last 3-5 years.

WHEN: 19th – 23rd May  2014.
WHERE: Broome. Most likely at the Civic centre and nearby buildings.

You can download some useful documents below;