The Social Circus Map uses an online map to plot and index organizations offering social circus workshops. It is the result of efforts made over the last few years by Cirque du Monde— the social circus program of Cirque du Soleil—to compile a record of all organizations dedicated to this form of intervention as well as the various research projects in progress on this topic. Today, Cirque du Monde is pleased to share this with the community at large.

The Social Circus Map does not claim to be exhaustive or definitive. It is intended to evolve in line with the development of the social circus community and the contribution of its players. Furthermore, the Social Circus Map does not seek to certify the quality of organizations’ social circus activities. Rather, it intends to inform the community of the existence of such activities, regardless of practices.

If you know of one or more social circus organizations not included in the Social Circus Map, please contact us at the following address: Likewise, if you would like to point out any errors or inaccuracies in the information about any organization indexed in the Social Circus Map, contact us at the following address: Please allow up to 8 weeks before the addition or correction is completed.


The organizations included in the Social Circus Map have been identified based on the following criteria:

  • As part of its activities, the organization offers a social circus program, with the personal and social development of the participants as its primary goal.
  • Cirque du Monde has been able to collect sufficient facts regarding the organization’s social circus activities, either via its website or based on information provided by the organization itself.

The geographical information presented on the Social Circus Map is approximate. It is based on the best knowledge of Cirque du Monde and subject to the parameters of the Google Maps online mapping service. Cirque du Monde and Cirque du Soleil may not be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies contained in the Social Service Map or any damage that may occur through its use.

The Social Circus Map may be used for your personal requirements or for training or research purposes. Any other use of the Social Circus Map must have the prior approval of Cirque du Monde. You may contact us at the following address:

Cirque du Monde reserves the right to alter the content of the Social Circus Map and its terms of use at any time and at its sole discretion.