Sydney Festival | Updated 

Circus industry event applications have been extended until November 11.

In 2017 Sydney Festival is delighted to be hosting a range of activities targeted specifically at circus professionals. A series of industry workshops and masterclasses led by Krzysztof Soroczynski and Charlotte Mooney will be exclusive to Sydney Festival. These events will take place between January 18 and 22 in Parramatta.On Monday October 24 Sydney Festival will launch its full Parramatta program including circus and physical theatre performances, an exhibition and a film and talks series focused on the circus arts to coincide with the industry events detailed below.Sydney Festival would like to acknowledge our Circus Advisory Group which has helped inform our thinking around the range of sector initiatives planned for January. With thanks to Jodie Farrugia, Darcy Grant, Josh Hoare, Gail Kelly, Bel Macedone, Chelsea McGuffin and Rob Tannion.

Sydney Festival looks forward to welcoming the circus community in January and sharing full details on all events very soon.

Applications are now open for the industry events. Read on to learn more.