Entertainment Assist has just launched a research study into “Working in the Australian Entertainment Industry: key factors in longevity and transition”.  The research aims to provide key insights into the reality of working in the entertainment industry and inform the development of tailored support and prevention programs.

Industry wide research, embracing all sectors of the performing arts from performers to support crew, has never before been undertaken in Australia or internationally.  Entertainment Assist has engaged a research team at the College of Arts, Victoria University, to undertake the research project which will identify the risks and pitfalls of the industry, how people cope, what they need and barriers to support.

“Having worked in this industry as both a performer and crew member, I’m thrilled to see such an investment being made to shed light on how many within the Australian Entertainment Industry manage insecure work and maintain health and well-being. The research will provide an evidence base for targeted support and prevention programs vital to the future health and well being of industry workers both in front of, and behind, the camera lens and stage curtain.”  Shane Jacobson, Entertainment Assist Patron and Entertainer.

To participate in the research or find out more, visit http://entertainmentassist.org.au/#h_entertainmentindustryresearchproject.