Calling Professional Circus Artists!

Slipstream Circus is offering 1-4 week residencies to individuals, duo’s, and companies at its circus training facility in Tasmania for training, creative developments, and rehearsals.

As ‘The centre of Circus in Tasmania’ Slipstream strives to support and assist in the development of emerging circus artists, and circus professionals. Through this residency program, Slipstream Circus aims to build relationships with the wider circus community, to offer artists the time and space to cultivate new work, and to allow students/staff the chance to grow through meeting and learning from visiting artists.

The training space
Dimensions Height is 7-9 meter, floor space area is 17m-19m, matted floor space area is 10mx15m (floor strip area dimensions).

20141118_172629 [Click to enlarge photo]

Aerials: 6 x fixed points & 3 x pulley systems; 1 static single trapeze, 3 tissu’s, 2 lyra, 1 corde
Tumbling: 1 full size gymnastics trampoline, 3 mini tramps, 6m tumbling air-mat, crash mats, Floor strips etc.
Circus equipment: 2 Tight wires (low0.5m and 1.5m), 1 German wheel (diameter 2.1m), 3 Globes, 8 handstand chairs, juggling equipment, hoops, devil-sticks, plates, poi, diabolo, flags, stilts, fitness balls, shapes etc

Dormitory accommodation above the training space with access to kitchen and lounge – 5minute walk to town, beach and other facilities. (By negotiation)

Training space availability and conditions
1. Available Monday to Friday except from 3pm-9pm* (due to classes) *Subject to change
2. Available Saturday after 1pm and available all day Sundays
3. More availability during school holidays
4. Cost $2 per 45 minutes for use of lights (coin in slot)
5. You would need to abide by Slipstream Circus Visitor performer policy (this includes a copy of your insurance policy)

By negotiation, Slipstream could offer:
• Airport pick-up etc…
Negotiations are contingent on what the artist(s) can offer Slipstream in the way of Master classes or other training/mentorship opportunities with members/trainers.

For more information, please contact: Arlette Bruggeman (General Manager) at

SPECIAL ACAPTA MEMBERS ONLY OFFER: Only $2 per 45min to use the training space!