“There was a serious complaint from a vision impaired person who had trouble crossing the street as sound levels from busking prevented them from hearing the traffic signal. Traffic Signals and also tactiles on traffic light poles and on the footpath help vision impaired people negotiate the city.

Please ensure that you are set up 5 metres from intersections and keep to the prescribed sound levels.

Also please be mindful of how you’ve set up when busking close to tram stops on Swanston Street as I witnessed a particularly distressing incident with another vision impaired person trying to get on a tram and not being able to negotiate their surroundings safely. The combination of excessive amplification, a big crowd and peak hour wasn’t pretty.

On the same note, please make sure that people never have to step onto the bike paths or road to get by your audience if you’ve gathered a big crowd.

Melbourne is definitely a creative city but it’s also everybody’s right to access the city safely.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992(DDA) is one of the acts that determine how the City of Melbourne manages the public space. It’s why we don’t have café furniture or sale tables against the building line in Melbourne.

There’s some more information about the DDA at the links below:

Thank you for your cooperation with making sure that Melbourne is an accessible city for all.
If you have any questions or comments on this, please email or call me.”


Elizabeth Russell | Busking and Program Coordinator | Engineering Services
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T: 03 9658 9603 | F: 03 9658 8886 | E: elizabeth.russell@melbourne.vic.gov.au

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