Media Release | Circus Arts | February 2016

circus_arts_blue_blend_01It’s been a long and exciting journey for Circus Arts Australia Founder and Director Belinda Hultgren.  From her beginnings learning flying trapeze at a local circus school, Belinda went on to work in USA Summer Camps and for Club Med in New Caledonia before spreading her wings to travel and perform with circuses around the world.  Her love of circus and its transformative effects on her own life motivated her to share circus and flying trapeze with others and so, in 1999 Belinda returned to Australia and Circus Arts was born.

Now located in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane with the impressive HQ of the national operation located in her home town of Byron Bay, Belinda is the fearless leader and Ring Mistress of Australia’s largest circus school, offering circus and flying trapeze experiences to over 200 people every week and much more during the school holidays.

“I was a shy kid” explains Belinda.  “I always enjoyed being active but never thought in a million years that I would perform in front of people.  But the moment I tried flying trapeze I fell in love with it and knew that I had to share it with others so Circus Arts was born.   We want to inspire people to love circus as much as we do and fly in all areas of their life and that’s what Circus Arts Australia is all about.”

This year the Bryon Bay HQ celebrates its 10th year and, to celebrate, Circus Arts are launching a fresh, new logo to herald in a new decade of fun and fitness for all ages and abilities.

“Circus is an activity that can benefit people at any age, of any culture and at any level of ability” says Kate Priddle, Circus Arts Australia Marketing Manager.  “Its non-competitive nature and supportive and inclusive ethos makes it a very effective way to engage people and communities in a fun, creative and healthy way.  Circus can change lives, we see it every day.  Everyone is special at the circus!”

Visit the Circus Arts website to find out how you can experience the benefits of Circus in your area.

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