Media Release | Lolly Jar Circus | Friday 27th November

Some Sweet Achievements from Lolly Jar Circus

Charlie hula hooping










Charlie spinning six hoops at Lolly Jar Circus

Here at LJC we were absolutely thrilled that our graduate participant and now trainer, Charlie Wilkins, won the inaugural Spirit of Circus Award.  Charlie is a delightful young man with beautiful acrobatic technique, is a whizz with hula hoops and has a very engaging stage presence.  He is a dedicated trainer who works voluntarily on the days he is not rostered.  He mixes well with trainers and participants alike.  The fact that he has Down Syndrome is just that, a fact, a part of who he is.  He is not a successful performer or trainer in spite of that or because of that, but because of his lovely personality and physical dedication.

CEO Judy Bowden was also humbled to be a “Spotlight On” awardee.

Here are some other sweet moments we have witnessed:

  • A blind teenager executing his first forward roll
  • Teenagers with low vision learning to juggle balls containing maracas
  • A young boy with Cerebral Palsy learning to pull himself from the floor to standing with flat feet
  • A young boy with Autism who had not spoken for 2 terms chattering non stop
  • A boy with hip and foot problems learning to jump (which he loved doing so much that he jumped everywhere and his school asked us to teach him how to walk down stairs again)
  • A teenage girl who was bullied at school smiling, laughing and making friends, then reportedly taking juggling balls to school and making more friends there
  • A teenage girl with an intellectual disability bursting into dance when she wore a tutu for the first time
  • A young girl with a chromosomal disorder who usually learns one word per year reported by her mother to have learned 12 new words after 3 classes at LJC (then later adding the word “bum” when a class was cancelled due to heat, to her mother’s delight – it was clear evidence of engagement and communication!)
  • An LJC mother from Laos planning to take the concept back to the school for children with Autism she has established there

The list goes on.  The magic of circus.

FEATURE IMAGE CREDIT: Supplied by Lolly Jar Circus. Artist: Charlie Wilkins, Lolly Jar Circus Circus

ORIGINAL SOURCE: supplied by Lolly Jar Circus