On Wednesday 16th October Lolly Jar Circus commenced operation in Adelaide. Our aim is to provide circus classes for young people up to age 26, integrating those who are able bodied and open minded with those who have physical or intellectual disabilities or are socially at risk.

Our first class was a free “come and try” and had 12 participants. It was beautiful to see young people of all different abilities working together, not judging each other and having a lot of fun. They did some basic floor work then juggling with home made juggling balls made from birdseed in balloons. Every participant took 3 balls home as a present and their parents have reported that they have not put them down.

We have been incredibly lucky to be lent 2 mats by the Special Olympics and given another by Acromat. As well as our home made balls we made poi from long clown socks with soft balls in the toes, and were lent and donated other equipment by trainers. I had some fun going into a plumbing shop and buying sewerage piping for tube walking. We are in a Church hall and the parish priest popped his head in. Apparently he advertised the classes during mass and the whole Church is behind us.

A social worker there to support one participant commented that our trainers were intuitive and quick to respond so that the experience was a very happy one.

It is a relief, privilege and an incredible joy to have held the first class and we are looking forward to many years of fun ahead.


Judy Bowden

Public Officer and Board Secretary
Lolly Jar Circus Inc.


ABN 92 905 848 343
A registered charity