Judy Bowden | Lolly Jar Circus |  Monday 27th April 2015

Lolly Jar CircusIs enjoying a purple patch!

Whilst numbers are low, but growing, for our regular weekly classes, we have been very busy with outreach.

During the first week of the school holidays we visited the Guide Dogs for the Blind Transitions Group. These are teenagers and young adults with little or no vision. Seeing the look on a young man’s face when he made his first forward roll was a goose bump moment. Plate spinning proved a real hit. We stitched maracas in to juggling balls so that the participants could follow their trajectory and that worked well.

The same day two trainers travelled to the hills for Camp Capacity, for young people with Muscular Dystrophy and their siblings. The theme was “Superheros” so the parachute became a cloak of invisibility, the juggling balls were power balls, etc.

A few days later saw us at the Down Syndrome SA camp for a two hour session of basic tumbles and balances and manipulation stations, culminating in a frenzied raid on our dress-up box and a show.

I am always blown away, not just by what our participants achieve, but by the sensitivity and humanity of our trainers, who seem naturally to perceive strengths and preferences and work with them.

We are about to begin a 10 week volunteer training course funded by a grant from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

We have a current application for a grant to purchase a mini bus or van to travel to more remote locations. Judging is by public voting by South Australians. If you are from SA, please vote for Lolly Jar Circus’ project “CircuSA” on the Fund My Community website and support our friends Camp Capacity, Make Murray Kids Matter, Technical Aid for the Disabled, The Otherway Centre and “Story Shax” by Life Without Barriers


Media-wise we have had a lovely story on the Channel 7 News and an interview on Radio for the Print Handicapped.

And thank you Cirque du Soleil, which has donated us 100 tickets to its performance of “Totem” on 25 June. 5 ticket sales pays for a term’s hall hire – what a blessing. Tell your Adelaide friends!

ORIGINAL SOURCE: provided by Lolly Jar Circus via ACAPTA email