Ian Royall | Herald Sun | Monday 15 February 2016

Elephants will be one of many exotic animals banned from being used in circus shows in Melbourne. Picture: AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand.

MELBOURNE is set to join 45 other councils around Australia in banning exotic circus animals within its borders.

Councillors will review a proposal on Tuesday to voice the city’s opposition to non-domesticated animals such as elephants, monkeys, lions and tigers.

While Melbourne hasn’t played host to many circuses featuring wild animals in recent years, Councillor Rohan Leppert said it was time Melbourne declared its official position.

“Certainly, lots of residents have been asking me why the City of Melbourne doesn’t have a circus ban. It’s an anomaly,” he said.

The proposed ban comes as council officers push to ensure the welfare of animals involved in public events across the city.

The move is for any event that requires a permit would also need an assessment of the welfare of any animals involved. About 30 events every year fall into this category and include small festivals which may have a farm animals’ display for children.

“At the moment, we don’t put animal welfare conditions on the permits at all and I think that could lead to animal cruelty issues.”

The new rules would also apply to the Melbourne Cup Parade, run by the Victoria Racing Club through the streets of central Melbourne.

IMAGE CREDIT: via Herald Sun

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