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Gasworks Arts Park is excited to unveil their huge program of Fringe Festival productions during Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013.
Throughout the three action packed weeks of Fringe, Gasworks will transform into a key satellite venue and will showcase 12 independent theatre productions, with over 60 performances scheduled during the season.

In a brand new and exciting collaboration with the talented folk from After Dark Theatre, Gasworks will become the central circus hub for Fringe, proudly presenting Circus After Dark; a spectacular selection of eight vibrant circus productions.

Circus After Dark showcases some of Melbourne’s best circus performers, whose talents range across trapeze, foot juggling, aerial hoops, acrobatics, corde lisse, hula hoops and clowning, to name a few.

But that’s not all Gasworks is offering during Fringe Festival, with four more tremendous, independent theatre productions included in the program. Reinterpretations of celebrated plays, an award winning kids production and a dramatic tale of sibling rivalry form Gasworks’ enormous Fringe Festival program during 2013.

There’s plenty of action going on at Gasworks during Melbourne Fringe Festival. A list of all Fringe Festival events can be found below, and tickets are on sale now.

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24 to 28 September 2013

Our personal technologies have become an extension of ourselves. In this pioneering circus performance, audiences are invited into a space where technology and reality converge to create a visceral environment that deconstructs real and imagined boundaries. Upon entering the performance space, each audience member is provided with an iTouch, pre-loaded with the specially designed Blindscape App – a 3D audio virtual reality simulator. Perception and reality overlap as audiences wind through virtual corridors, landscapes and doorways, while the performers emerge from the dark and infiltrate the virtual world. Recently nominated for a Green Room Award “Innovation and Excellence in Circus” Blindscape is a rare and unique circus experience like no other.

Asoré – A Series of Rare Events
1 to 5 October 2013

What series of rare events leads someone to a life in the circus? A4 Circus Ensemble explores this question by overlaying evocative vocal narration with mesmerizing acrobatics, foot-juggling and risely. Combining the tradition and grace of a 1920s travelling circus with the sensuality of contemporary circus, Asoré invites you behind the curtain, where nothing is as glamorous as it seems. Established in 2009 by graduates of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, A4 Circus Ensemble toured their first production ‘Downpour’ nationally and internationally including the Montréal Complètement Cirque.


18 to 21 September 2013

Gasworks invites you to enter the world of a 1950s circus family and watch as the happy family façade of a contortionist wife, her clown of a husband and a new baby unravels before your eyes to reveal a darker reality. Accompanied by a selection of evocative 1950s inspired songs, Lacrima uses captivating circus, physical theatre and clowning to explore themes of love and loss.

Domestic Warfare
19 to 28 September 2013

Witness a gritty cocktail of sex, love, drugs and violence in Nice Production’s latest play, Domestic Warfare. Set in the 1970s, Domestic Warfare tells the story of a dysfunctional family, and their attempts to survive an abusive home life, while battling their personal demons… and each other.

Another Point of View
24 to 28 September 2013

Revolving around the whimsical existence of two sisters living a toy box life of solitude, Another Point of View presents the curious turn of events that occur when an unexpected phone call comes through from a phone that never rings. An enchanting mix of aerial hoops,4
contortion, aerial rings and hula hoop, Another Point of View is an absurd tale of sisterhood, the struggle for freedom and the binding power of love.

The Importance of Being Earnest
25 to 28 September 2013

Oscar Wilde’s most famous play is re-imagined in this light-hearted production brimming with 21st century humour, that even the author himself never had the chance to appreciate. But this show comes with a tasty treat – audiences are invited to sample the food and beverages mentioned in the play.

At the Last Gasp
25 to 28 September 2013

At the Last Gasp is a visually intriguing, daring and provocative blend of circus and physical theatre that explores our fascination with the forbidden and unknown. Through a series of quirky and touching vignettes, the show delves into the various ways death exists and reveals itself to different people. Presented through highly skilled disciplines of trapeze, balancing, manipulation and acrobatics, At the Last Gasp explores the way in which humanity deals with the little things in life and death that are beautiful, yet very often overlooked when tragedy strikes.

Tales of a Magical Circus
28 September to 5 October 2013

Marvel at the delightful collaboration between experienced circus artist Emma Shepherd and magician Lee Cohen in the fantasy- filled production, Tales of a Magical Circus. A charming show for kids and parents alike, Tales of a Magical Circus sees these seasoned performers swirl and twirl their impeccable skills together to create an enchanting stage show that overflows with hula hoops, bunny rabbits and stunning displays of magic.

1 to 2 October 2013

Winner of the “Best Family Show” in Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010, KAPOW! is a comical exploration of the superhero’s world and the inherent human desire we have to be special and make a difference. Jam packed with acrobatics, illusion and clowning presented in a comic book landscape, KAPOW! asks some seriously heroic questions. Why do we desire to be superhuman? What are our secret, unnoticed abilities? What is your moral code? Should you (or should you really not) wear a cape? This skilful and touching piece combines the exciting life of the superhero and the extraordinary stories of everyday people.

1 to 5 October 2013

Head First Acrobatics catapult into the Gasworks Theatre to debut their astonishing new acrobatic extravaganza, Elixir. This Melbourne based duo mix an extraordinary blend of high intensity acrobatics, live music and strong images to share the story of two enthusiastic scientists attempting to create the elixir of life. The result is a dynamic, adrenaline fuelled contemporary circus show.

…We Should Quit
1 to 5 October 2013

An impeccable union of traditional circus and contemporary clowning provides the structure for the physical comedic feat, We Should Quit. Award winning circus perfomer Avan Whaite provides the direction for this compelling show, which incorporates Chinese pole, corde lisse and acrobatics to tell the story of two cogs who are stuck in the daily routine of life. When their habitual schedule of life becomes unstuck, chaos ensues.

True West
2 to 5 October 2013

Leigh Ormsby’s compelling interpretation of Sam Shepard’s play True West comes to life this Fringe Festival. This gripping story which tells the tale of a bitter sibling rivalry between two divided brothers, has seen multiple incarnations since its onstage debut at San Francisco’s Magic Theatre in 1980. Don’t miss Leigh Ormsby’s fresh and unique take on this classic production.


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