Gail Kelly | Monday 7 March 2016


The ACAPTA Board has decided; due to economic imperatives to restructure the organisation, therefore the position of director will no longer exist, from March 2016.

ACAPTA has always been a small and vulnerable organisation and we have had to fight mighty hard to survive over the past six years but due to external factors in 2015 we almost lost the battle to #makeCircusVisible. The member’s support of the Save ACAPTA campaign has made it possible for ACAPTA to continue into this year –so a huge shout-out to all of you and thank you as always for your support – without it ACAPTA would be long gone.

There is nevertheless much to do as the #makeCircusVisible is a battle that we have not yet won as we are still not recognized as an artform by key funding bodies (OZCO and Creative Victoria) and this is just insulting after almost 40 years of making great Australian circus and physical theatre happen! Come on funding people you are way behind on this issue stop seeing us part of other artforms, like theatre or dance – we are #everything circus and it is time for you to recognise this and support the development of our artform by assisting our artists to continue to make great work.

I would also like to recognize and pay homage to all the artists who have made my job a joy – it is easy to turn up to work every day when it is your job to make things better for the circus and physical theatre sector. I have been part of this artform for a long time and I have always been awe-struck by how hard circus and physical theatre artists work in this country to overcome the never-ending difficulties that seem to make it even more challenging, each year to get the work out there but circus and physical artists always deliver!

I have also had the absolute privilege during my time at ACAPTA to work with awesome colleagues and I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank all of them: Tessa Waters, Anna Jacobs, Angela Pamic and Alex Talamo for the outstanding contribution that they have made to ACAPTA – this fabulous group of women have gone way beyond the call of duty to always ensure that it does happen and it has been inspiring and exciting to work with them – their stamina, commitment, perspectives and insights –have made ACAPTA an organisation that is first and foremost responsive to the needs of the artist members and this is what ACAPTA must always be as it moves into the future.

As yet I am not sure what I will do but I think my first stop will be a long, overdue holiday (time to think, reflect and dream) and then after that who knows…. but whatever direction I head in I know I will always be part of the Australian circus and physical theatre community, because as one young woman, recently said to me, so succinctly – it (circus) just gets into your blood. Ain’t that the truth.