Laura van der Meer | Fédération Mondiale du Cirque |  Thursday 30th April 2015

World Circus Day Celebrated in 42 Countries: Australian Circus Royale Wins Circus Selfie Competition

The Sixth World Circus Day was again celebrated with great enthusiasm around the world. A total of 202 circuses, festivals, museums, friends associations, youth groups and others organized 185 separate World Circus Day events in 42 countries. Australian circuses battled it out to get visitors to post the most “Selfies”.

For the Sixth World Circus Day, organisers were asked to promote “Circus Selfies” in conjunction with their events. The idea was to engage audiences and also to promote circus through social media. Selfies were posted by persons visiting 40 different events (identified in their postings). The highest number of Selfies – including the highest number of Selfies with red noses – were posted by staff and patrons of Circus Royale of Australia. Australian Circus Joseph Ashton came in a close second, followed by Hamid Circus, Inc. of the United States. The Selfies can be viewed at:

Circus Royale held its World Circus Day performance in Gosford, New South Wales. Its pre- event promotion included publicity by two leading radio stations and giving the first 300 visitors Circus Fun Bags including a clown nose and printed invitation to participate in the Federation’s Circus Selfie competition. Circus Joseph Ashton created billboards to encourage visitors to join in the Selfie fun at its World Circus Day performance in Perth. Hamid Circus, Inc. presented the Kora Shrine Circus in Lewiston, Maine, USA on World Circus Day and promoted audience participation in the Selfie contest during the event.

As in previous years, the majority of the organisations hosting World Circus Day events were amateur, youth and community groups, showing the continuing broad appeal of circus beyond traditional circus families. Events ranged from open acrobatic and animal training demonstrations, to special performances, to free admission to museums.

All registered World Circus Day participants are invited to upload photos, links to media reports, and comments about their events at: 

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