1000 Women Strong – Vulcana Women’s Circus needs your help to survive. Vulcana has lost core funding for 2014, as a part of a State Government program to cut 12.4 million dollars of funding from the arts in Queensland. This is devastating for the 30 women that form part of the training and program delivery and seriously jeopardises the viability of this 17 year old Queensland arts company. Vulcana has supported hundreds of artists throughout their training, learning and development as professional performers and provides a safe, inclusive and empowering program for women and girls. We are strong women, and we will not let this defeat us! If we are going to survive we are going to need your help. Our fundraising campaign, ’1000 Women Strong’, needs you to donate and spread our message. Thank you for your support!

Vulcana’s Circus programs offer:

  •  A talent for everyone
  •  A shared physical language for people of all backgrounds and abilities
  •  Opportunities for cultural expression
  •  Physical and emotional strength & resilience

Your support will help us deliver projects with:

  •  Women who identify as having a mental illness
  •  People with disabilities
  •  Deaf women
  •  Indigenous youth

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

Donate to Empower women through circus


You can also help Vulcana through their Sit-Up-A-Thon

The amazing strong women of Vulcana are holding a Sit-Up-A-Thon as part of the 1000 Women Strong campaign!For every dollar PLEDGED AND RAISED HERE ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE, they will undertake one sit up! That means, if we raise $1000, we will do 1000 sit ups (or more)!

$1 = 1 sit up.

You can sponsor us here by pledging an amount of sit-ups/dollars on this page and then head to:

givenow.com.au/vulcanawomenscircus to donate.

THEN – you can come and watch your dollars being put to work and cheer us on as we show off our strength in New Farm Park on Sunday 22nd December!

We will calculate the final amount of sit-ups on the day from the amount pledged on this page and any amount that is donated on the day.

Our Confirmed Sit-Uppers on the day are:

  • Roz Howie
  • Shannon Berry Bam
  • Grace Law
  • Regan Ainslie
  • Cherie Gregoire
  • Mayu Muto

Those participating from afar:

  • Tennille Carrier
  • Tami Dawson
  • Camilla West
  • Horace Ecaroh

WHEN: Sunday 22nd December
WHERE:  New Farm Park, Brunswick St, New Farm, Queensland, Australia 4005