Hey Rock Bangers!

We’ve heard some exciting news from our [second best] friends!
The Die Roten Punkte movie has been picked as a Staff Fave at Junto Box Films.

“Die Roten Punkte Movie is a hilarious mockumentary, and although it’s a familiar story, its voice is undeniably bold and original… and did we mention very, very funny?” said a very smart and obviously enlightened staff member.

This is a possible funding opportunity for DRP so it would be great if we could all get behind them and vote for them HERE.

So whats it all about? Check it out below…

Fans of Spinal Tap and Flight of the Conchords, say “Hallo” to your new favorite band. A documentary film crew follow the band’s attempt to take America by storm… via Winnipeg.


Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots) are a brother/sister indie rock band from Berlin. “Our music is punk rock, but it’s safe for the kids and old people, too.” – Otto Rot

After Otto and Astrid’s parents died under mysterious circumstances, they were sent to live with an Uncle and Aunt who made them chop wood and learn traditional German folk-dancing. To escape this nightmare the duo ran away and ended up living in a squat in Berlin.

They formed Die Roten Punkte and started performing in small clubs. With their first album Die Roten Fahrten (The Red Journeys) they cultivated a reputation as a great live act where anything could happen. Their success was curtailed when Astrid inadvertently burned down Club Bang Bang, resulting in the band being blacklisted around Europe.

Looking for a fresh start, Otto signed with a music manager who promised to help them break into the American music scene. The film begins as they arrive in Winnipeg to kick off a three month tour. Making it in America has been Otto and Astrid’s lifelong dream.

We wrote our songs in English, before we even knew English.” – Astrid Rot

Otto, dependent on his big sister for all things, hopes that the band’s American success will bind them together forever. Astrid, the reluctant caregiver, hopes that their success will free her from the burden of looking after her brother.

Their dreams implode when David steals the band’s money, leaving Otto and Astrid stranded. With only one gig booked in a rundown club, Otto and Astrid must find a way to win over the provincial town before their band breaks up.

Otto and Astrid set out to conquer the world, but instead find an unlikely home.