A huge Congratulations must go to Casus for being awarded the 2014 Green Room award for innovation in circus!

The Green Room’s have implemented a new system for inviting the relevant panel to see your work and this new system effects all circus artists who are planning to present a show in Melbourne in 2014 (and beyond) and who want to be considered for the Green Room ‘innovation in circus’ Award this year.

The circus arts comes under the purview of the: Alternative, Hybrid and Performance Panel (AHP) so if you want the AHP panel to see your work you must register your show on the Green Room’s website. Registration costs $10 per show. Please note you need to register your company first [free].

The panel will then contact you and request tickets to your event.

We encourage all circus artists to register your show as this then ensures that the circus arts are a visible and important part of the Green Room Awards.

2014 Victorian Greenroom Award – Registration Changes

The Green Room Awards Association is an entirely voluntary organisation that exists to deliver the premier peer assessed live performance awards in Victoria. The Green Room Awards Association has no recurrent source of financial support. Rather, its continued operations are thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors, advertisers and industry partners.

In 2014, to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the awards, the Association introduced a $10 registration fee for each production.

NB: The members of our seven Industry Panels do their very best to get to all registered productions, however registering your production does not automatically guarantee attendance by the Green Room Awards panel members. The earlier you register your production, the easier it is for the panels to fit it into their schedules. Registrations made with less than three weeks notice of your performance dates increase the likelihood of availability, clashes and other scheduling issues.