A full-time contract based in Melbourne starting late March 2014, ending in Jan 2016, premiering in Melbourne, followed by Australian and International touring.

We are looking for excellent Australian independant circus performers, (acrobats, clowns, jugglers, aerialists, comedians, cabaret performers, vaudevillians and sideshow artists) at the top of their game who want to be part of creating ensemble work.
Artists in their own right, with world-class skill, capable of creating original material and also skilled at collaborating in a group.
We’re looking for shit-hot performers who have, at some point in their life, dreamed of performing with Circus Oz.
There is room in this casting call to consider duos and even trios.

Send your contact details and a ONE PAGE summary of yourself as a circus performer to casting@circusoz.com.au by the 11th October.

Circus Oz aims to cast a diverse, innovative, multi­skilled ensemble. Equal numbers of men and women with a genuinely passionate desire to work together as part of Circus Oz, collaborating with other members of the artistic team (directors, designers and technicians) to create a Circus Oz show that reflects our values: Entertainment, Innovation, Irreverence, Multiskilling, Accessibility and Social Justice. A show that entertains, inspires and challenges the broadest possible audience.

We actively seek diversity across gender, backgrounds, skills and ethnicity, including a specific focus on Australian indigenous performers and crew. We aim to put together the most interesting, fabulous, compelling Australian cast that an audience could hope to see, multi­skilled and strong across a range of areas including spectacular physical skills, ironic larrikin comedy, challenging ideas and live music.

It’s a new show which will run for 2 years. The show is inspired by Vaudeville and Circus and is a a satirical take on ‘infobesity’ and ‘choicemania’ designed to incorporate the variety acts and performance strengths of the members of the new ensemble.

This will be the very first show to be created in the new purpose-built Circus Oz Home base in Collingwood, Melbourne. Owned by by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria, but custom designed for Circus Oz. It will be the home base for our community, our aesthetic, our live band, and our style of work. It’s a fabulous building, with all work spaces and construction workshops gathered around two full-scale, full-height rehearsal rooms, plus an on-site Speigeltent.

Circus Oz aim to stay at the forefront of the reinvention of circus as a popular accessible form. Larrikin, irreverent and eclectic. We want our next show to make a statement about where the Circus OZ version of this art form is heading in the 21st century… New people, new ideas, new energy.

This is what we’re aiming to achieve:
We’re looking for the best Australian circus, sideshow, music and cabaret performers available. By the time the show is on the road we want a diverse passionate innovative troupe who believe they have the best jobs in the world­. An idiosyncratic, brilliant, hardworking, experienced ensemble with a strong work ethic, all cooperating with each other. A diverse group of people who’ve all at some point in their lives dreamed of joining Circus Oz. People who either BRING fabulous new world­ class material to the ensemble OR have the skills and capacity to CREATE fabulous brand new material. We want all sorts! A mix of types. A mix of ages. People who are in it for the joy, the art, the meaning of the form. Maybe 4 or 5 world­ class virtuosic solos, plus 2 or 3 members of dynamic duos/trios, and a couple of fabulously versatile all­rounders and clowns.

It’s a Melbourne-based job, and whenever we tour away from Melbourne all Accomodation, Travel and Living Away from Home allowances will apply.

Send us a short ONE PAGE summary of yourself as a circus performer. We’d also like ONE clear head-shot photo. Send it to casting@circusoz.com.au by the 11th October (that is really soon!!). Feel free to include career highlights or descriptions of specific acts, but we don’t need a full CV yet. We’re more interested in a simple one-page snapshot of who you are as an artist, what you can bring, and why you think you’re right for Circus Oz right now. We’ll get in touch to ask for more information.