Press Release – Circus Makes a Difference.

Westside Circus is taking enrolments for the Winter Holiday Program and Term 3 classes.

The Brunswick-based not-for-profit group has been making a real difference to the lives of young people through its circus workshops. The classes use the teaching of circus skills to improve the core strength and co-ordination of participants, their self-esteem, ability to work in a team and take the lead.

One session that has been changing lives is Blue Spin Bunch which is a regular session within our public program for five to eight year olds. Some of the participants have found it helpful to overcome their individual physical and mental challenges through learning circus techniques such as juggling, tightwire, diablo, plate spinning, trapeze and more.

Ari Drutzel is one of many to have found their place in the circus. Born with a congenital heart defect known as Aortic Stenosis, Ari underwent open heart surgery aged 18 months and his family was told to keep him away from strenuous physical exercise until he reached 4 years of age. Mum Anna saw Westside Circus classes as the perfect way to further develop Ariel’s motor skills, balance and co-ordination. “It’s the best thing he could be doing,” she says as he improves at an impressive rate.

Isaac Lecouteur has also been discovering the benefits of the spin classes. Isaac was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome before his sixth birthday and Blue Spin Bunch has made a massive difference in helping him regulate himself and his energy, follow instructions and socialise in a fun and challenging way. Isaac’s family believe that Isaac’s attendance in the classes to be now “critical” to his well being.

Another big fan of the benefits achieved by having a child enrolled in Blue Spin Bunch is Leanne Jones. Leanne enrolled her daughter Anouk into the program as she felt Anouk was no longer feeling challenged by Gymnastics. Ms Jones enthuses that the dedicated trainers are “great role models” for her daughter Anouk. “I am so impressed not only by the physical skills and confidence Anouk has developed, but also by the teamwork that she is part of and the perseverance and focus she is beginning to learn.”

As well as the Winter Holiday Program, Westside Circus also offers weekly workshops for young people aged 3 and above that run in line with the school terms. For any more information on current classes check the website at or contact us by phone on (03) 9383 2299 or email at