Check out Carnival Cinema’s new online series, The Way of the Showman.

Made by 2 friends over 10 years and shot all over the world ‘The Way Of The Showman’ is an intimate and entertaining series taking you behind the scenes and into the life of Captain Frodo renowned circus/sideshow/variety performer and self described ‘Modern Showman’.

This web series has been 10 years in the making. An ever morphing dream shared by friends Hamish McCormick and Captain Frodo. Hamish has followed Frodo, literally around the world and documented his many trials and tribulations. Since the edit began 2 years ago; every meeting, every skype chat, or long distance phone call between the two (whilst Frodo is out on the road peddling his unique brand of Showmanship and Hamish is holding the fort in Brunswick, Melbourne,) invariably ends in deep conversation about the details of the current state of the “project.” It has been a merchandise DVD, an art film, a bio pic, a feature documentary, and an endless topic of creative conversation. What on earth do you do with ten years worth of footage?

Well the boys have decided it is going to be this web series for all to enjoy!

A video diary from a life on the road going back a decade and told in no particular order. It will be slices of life, Frodo’s life, served up like pieces of a fine layer cake.

Please help to support this independent project by spreading the word about it and ‘sharing’ the videos.

It can be enjoyed on its own dedicated Vimeo channel here.  Or youtube here.

See more of both these guys at   |

Shot, cut and directed by: Hamish McCormick, Carnival Cinema.

‘The Way of the Showman’: web series introduction from Carnival Cinema on Vimeo.


And you should also check out ‘C.W. Stoneking – Bad Luck Everywhere You Go’, featuring renowned circus sideshow showman Captain Frodo.  Shot on location in Mullumbimby NSW and Lyonville VIC.
[Shot, Cut & Directed by Hamish McCormick, Carnival Cinema]