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A freak caravan fire at the Ashton circus in Morayfield has claimed the lives of a dog and three puppies and devastated the tight-knit family on Thursday.

Ashton Entertainment performer Tamara Rodriguez, 38, had just popped up the road to the BP when her caravan burst into flames, killing her chihuahua-cross dog and her three puppies just after 9.30am.

The fire engulfed the caravan "very fast".
The fire engulfed the caravan “very fast”. Photo: Twitter / 7 News Queensland

Fire crews worked to control the blaze and managed to extinguish the fire by 10am, but it was too late.

Mother Jan Ashton-Rodriguez said it was “very fast” and while no person in the circus family of 10 was hurt, her daughter had lost everything.

The caravan was destroyed by the fire at Morayfield, north of Brisbane.
The caravan was destroyed by the fire at Morayfield, north of Brisbane. Photo: Twitter / 7 News Queensland

“Within 2-3 minutes the whole thing was gone, it burnt to the ground,” she said.

“She lost everything she owned, her whole life was in there. She is not going too well.

“She doesn’t care about other stuff, it’s just the puppies, they were her babies and she is completely and utterly devastated.”

Ms Rodriguez said Now Real Estate director Jacky Rose had kindly offered to lend her daughter a caravan for the next few days.

“All her juggling equipment, everything is gone, her computer, everything but this lady is lending us a caravan for her tonight but I can’t get accommodation,” she said.

Ashton Entertainment is a circus and performing arts company founded by Jan Ashton-Rodriguez, a fifth-generation Ashton.

Ms Ashton-Rodriguez said Thursday night’s scheduled performance would still go ahead, despite the devastation from the morning.

“We have to keep going, she is the clown which is going to be the hardest thing for her to keep smiling,” she said.


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