Benton Adams-Walker | Warehouse Circus, Flipside Circus,  Circa ZooFlying Fruit Fly Circus | Friday 24 October 2014

Hello my name is Benton Adams-Walker, I am a circus performer and assistant trainer from Canberra. I train, teach and learn circus at Warehouse Circus. I am 16 years old and have spent 4 years doing circus and I plan to take it further as a career, which is why I decided to do work experience in Brisbane with Flipside Circus.

I spent a week at Flipside training alongside staff and working with a range of troupes including the performance troupe.

During the week I was lucky enough to also spend a day with Circa Zoo. When the amazing people at Flipside heard I was interested in attending NICA and that I was a big fan of Circa, they took me over to Circa and I got to meet everyone, look at their office, see how things are run, and of course and even train with Circa Zoo.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone with an hour of ballet and around four hours doing contortion and strength (I am still in pain because I have never worked those muscle groups before!)

With Flipside I got to help out with a Red Hill Special School performance called Defying Gravity. It was a beautiful show which allowed kids with severe disabilities to perform circus.

The week in Brisbane had to be one of the greatest weeks of my life. I got to meet old friends from Catapult and National Training Project (Fruit Flies) and make new ones. I was able to experience a whole new side to circus and to realise how every circus develops amazing tricks, skills and performances that are all run and set up differently.

All I have to say is choosing Flipside Circus for work experience was a brilliant choice. I want to say thanks to everyone at Flipside and Circa for helping make this great

Special thanks to Aleshia Flanagan (Warehouse Circus) and Kate Malone (Flipside Circus) for making this a reality. Lastly a big shout out to my billet family: Maryanne, Danny and Jacob!

Work experience highlight: Seeing the impact on a wheelchair bound boy when he took to the air in a harness and flew through the air

What I learned: having the opportunity to train age groups that I have not experienced before: toddlers and adults as well as kids and adults with disabilities

What I’ll take back with me: new ways of reading peoples confidence when they are learning new tricks; and generally different ways of thinking about circus – training and performing