Every arts organisation is unique. Artistic Vibrancy is a term that seeks to capture the different dimensions of artistic success and achievement that all arts organisations can strive for, regardless of their size, purpose, way of working or artistic outcomes.

The Artistic Vibrancy Framework provides a structure and resources to help arts organisations reflect on, describe and measure their artistic performance and achievement across the different dimensions of their work.

The five elements of Artistic Vibrancy

There are five key elements of artistic vibrancy. To be genuinely vibrant, arts organisations need to reflect on and articulate their development and achievement in each of these five areas. The Australia Council for the Arts developed the Artistic Vibrancy Framework and resources to encourage arts organsiations to strive for excellence and contribute to an arts sector that is relevant to Australia.

The Community Relevance Framework

Relevance to communities is a vital element of Artistic Vibrancy. To be relevant is to make art that is important to society. Arts organisations that reflect and take action on the Community Relevance element of their Artistic Vibrancy are discovering new sources of connection and creativity, and opportunities to sustain their work. Community Relevance is about finding out and building on how much your art and your organisation matters, and who it matters to.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: www.australiacouncil.gov.au/resources/About-Artistic-Vibrancy