Welcome to ACAPTA’s Remuneration and Other Benefits Surveys.

Our aim is to capture a snapshot of the Circus Arts and Physical Theatre Industry’s current remuneration position. We hope to use these results as a way of benchmarking and encouraging improved remuneration across the sector.

In order to get the most useful and accurate results for analysis, we have prepared two different Surveys, one for individuals who work predominantly as Independent/ Freelance  industry members and one for Organisations. For the purpose of these surveys, we define ‘organisations’ as those companies that have an ongoing funding/income stream and have at least one full time employee(s) eg. Circus Oz, Circa, Legs on the Wall, Westside Circus, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus etc.


This Survey is aimed at individuals who predominantly work as INDEPENDENT/FREELANCE circus arts makers and has been designed to be answered from the individual’s perspective.  This includes performers, riggers, production crew, directors, trainers and anyone who considers themselves a professional Circus Arts maker. If you are an organisation [as defined above] please fill out the ORGANISATIONS survey below.

Remuneration Survey – ORGANISATION
This Survey is aimed at ORGANISATIONS and includes, but is not limited to, information about your performers, riggers, production crew, directors, management and administration staff.  If you work predominantly as a Freelance circus arts maker then please fill out the INDEPENDENT/FREELANCE survey above.


Please answer the next ten questions as accurately as you can. All results will be collated and analysed by ACAPTA and the report will be made available on ACAPTA’s Publications webpage. All answers/comments used in the report will be anonymous and every effort will be made to make them un-identifiable.

Contact Angela admin@acapta.org.au if you have further questions.

We expect this survey to take approximately 5 – 10 minutes.