Baylee Collins | Wednesday 16 June 2016

Thank you to those members who joined us at the AGM on Saturday 28th May. The new Strategic Plan has been endorsed pending a funding announcement from Creative Victoria which we look forward to receiving news about in “late June/early July”.

We also have elected some new Board members which is very exciting! We would like to welcome Hemlock Mejarne, Mike Finch and Josh Hoare to the ranks. They join your continuing Board members Dr. Esther Nicolas, Garrett Larson Jr., Rockie Stone, Jarrod Rose and myself. I look forward to working with them in continuing to develop ACAPTA into the strong and sustainable organisation that we envision.

This newsletter contains information about upcoming circus events, including the National Youth Circus Symposium which is being hosted by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus this year. If you are working in youth circus, or interested in contributing to the sector come along and enjoy a couple of days of focussed discussion in Albury/Wodonga which is beautiful (a bit cold at night) at this time of year.

You’ll also find information on upcoming shows all over the country. These are tough times for artists, its getting harder to command appropriate fees, and there seems to be less work around. Not to mention the funding stream which has been reduced to a trickle. One of the best ways to support our sector is to buy a ticket to a show. If you enjoy it, encourage other people to go along too. Word of mouth is our best advertisement, so shout loudly about the circus you like!

Remember to Vote! July 2nd!