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Spirits are high for the first National Youth Circus Day Awards!

National Youth Circus Day 2015












The Australian Circus and Physical Theater Association (ACAPTA) is proud to announce the inaugural recipient of the 2015 National Spirit of Youth Circus Award!

Charlie Wilkins from Lolly Jar Circus in Adelaide has been selected for the National acknowledgement out of sixteen young nominees from across Australia.

Charlie hula hooping










Charlie spinning six hoops at Lolly Jar Circus – image supplied.


ACAPTA would like to congratulate and honour all of the nominees, who all embody the values, vitality and passion of the circus arts!

The thriving circus community in Australia came together to develop these awards, which also include a “Spotlight On” award, recognising the significant contributions made by individuals to their youth circus communities.

Youth circus continues to prove that it is a powerful force for change in young people’s lives (

National Youth Circus Day (NYCD) and the NYCD Awards pay homage to the young artists that dedicate themselves to this artform and to the huge amount of work (often volunteered) that goes into making youth circus available to young people. The day also pays homage to Dr. Reg Bolton whose life’s work was dedicated to supporting young people to literally leap into the circus arts.


Background Information

National Youth Circus Day is an Australian-wide celebration of youth circuses and young circus artists. On November 13th youth circuses across the country will be holding celebrations recognising the talents and achievements of their young artists and organisation. The date honours the late Reg Bolton, a tireless advocate for Australian Youth Circus, whose PhD, “Why Circus Works”, has been a continuing inspiration to the community. There will be picnics, open days and flash mobs across the nation! Find out what’s on near you:

Part of the celebrations this year also includes local and national awards recognising young artists who have embodied the values of youth circus: diversity, respect, access, inclusion, collaboration, creative expression, physical investigation, life-long learning, safety, empowerment, artistic vibrancy, and resilience. These young artists are dedicated to their artistic training and are juggling school, work and social commitments along side their artistic practice.

“Australian youth Circus is a story that needs to be told. After forty years of engaging with thousands of young people in urban, regional, rural and remote communities, Youth Circus is an unrecognized phenomenon, which has literally changed millions of lives.” 

- Gail Kelly, Director, The Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA)


National Youth Circus Day
13th November 2015

National Coordinators
The Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA)

For further information, images or interview availability on NYCD please contact
Gail Kelly  | +61 4 1816 3352|

For further information, images or interview availability for the 2015 National Spirit of Youth Circus Award winnerCharlie Wilkins (from Lolly Jar Circus in Adelaide), please contact 
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FEATURE IMAGE CREDIT: Einar Kling Odencrants [Artist: Rhiannon Cave-Walker, Spaghetti Circus]