Register as a peer for the Australia Council’s 2015 New Grants Scheme!

It is imperative that all contemporary circus artists register as a peer in the Australia Council’s 2015 new grants scheme.

If we don’t  have lots of circus artists registered as peers then the people who will inevitably be responsible for assessing the circus arts grants will inevitably lack the knowledge, expertise and skills in the circus arts and we will yet again be severely disadvantaged.

Have a look at how many circus arts projects the OZCO have funded over the past 2 years – the statistics are very telling!

The information is below. You can make a difference and change these statistics for the Australian Circus Arts.



Information from The Australia Council for the Arts:

[See for full details]

The Australia Council maintains a register of people who have nominated their interest in being a peer assessor for one of the Council’s assessment panels. Artists, arts workers and industry experts interested in becoming a peer with the Australia Council and sitting on panels to assess funding applications need to register interest by logging into the online system and registering your interest.

If you have never used the Australia Council’s online system before, download the instructions here:

 – Login to the Australia Council online and register your interest in becoming a peer HERE –

To speak to someone about your interest in becoming a peer for the Australia Council. Contact OZCO here.


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