Media Release | Abaris International | Monday 21st September 2015

DMM are issuing a product recall, subject to user inspection. This document details the products that are affected
by the recall and contains instructions to identify whether or not an affected product should be returned to DMM.

In a small percentage of carabiners the interaction between the internal coil spring (which gives the gate its closing action) and the gate pusher (the component that holds the spring against the carabiner body) may cause the gate pusher to displace, potentially preventing the gate from closing or the mechanism from locking completely.

DMM Karabiner Recall

Gate Pusher User Inspection

Please use the following information to identify the type of gate pusher that is installed in your carabiner and subsequently whether or not your carabiner is affected by this recall.

DMM Gate Pusher Inspection

IMAGE CREDIT: Image via Abaris International