Pixi Robertson, Oceania Co-ordinator | WORLD CIRCUS DAY 2015   |  Saturday 2nd February, 2015

Join our world-wide community of circus lovers and performers as we celebrate the 6th WORLD CIRCUS DAY on  SATURDAY 18th APRIL 2015

The FÉDÉRATION MONDIALE du CIRCQUE, under the auspices of its Honorary President, H.S.H. PRINCESS STEPHANIE of MONACO, invites all lovers of circus and all things circus to once again share in the fun of celebrating World Circus Day.

This is truly an international celebration, created by thousands of people around the world each year.In 2014 an astounding 185 events in 47 countries were registered on the Fédération web-site. Go to www.circusfederation.org/world_circus_day to check out the amazing array of events that people organised for this special occasion.

The main aim of WCD is to raise awareness of the wonderful diversity and vibrancy of modern circus. A lot of people still have the strange idea that “circus is dying”. No way. It’s all around us. We just need to let everybody know that we’re alive and well and kickin’ – bigger and better than ever before!

If this is the first time you have heard about WCD you may be saying to yourself “I’m only an individual, or a small company. How can I possibly join in?” Well, it’s easy as this celebration is designed for everybody, whether you are a professional or amateur circus performer, a traditional or classic circus, a contemporary circus, a juggling group, a ballet school, a circus school, a theatre company, a musician, a kindergarten teacher, a school teacher or librarian, a magician, a gym club, a member of a pony club or dog obedience club, a circus fan, a circus fans’ organisation, or just an individual who is crazy about this wonderful art form.

All you have to do is decide on an activity, then register your event on-line!


General, for everybody: a letter to your local paper; media releases to local and national press, radio and TV; arrange a display at your local library; social media; tell everybody you know!

Professional circus companies (classic & contemporary): Include mention of WCD in publicity lead-ups and ads; have a “come as a circus performer” competition at a matinee performance; a colouring competition in the local press; design a circus poster comp; host an open animal- or human- training/information event for the general public; dress the foyer tent with circus memorabilia and WCD posters; dedicate performances to the celebration with pre-show/during the show announcements

Circus fans’ associations: arrange a group visit to a traditional circus to celebrate with articles and photos in newsletters or magazines; maybe a “special edition” newsletter

Circus schools: plan a performance around this date

Ballet schools, gym clubs: create a circus-themed performance or display

Schools, libraries, kindergartens: circus-themed activities; book and poster displays; students create circus posters; fancy-dress circus-style; have a circus party

Magicians & children’s entertainers: jazz up the show with a circus angle

Juggling groups: organise a mass juggle or a flash-mob juggle, costumes optional!

Musicians: feature a circus-style piece in performance

Theatre companies: there are a couple circus-themed plays out there just begging for production!

Pony & doggie people: create a circus-themed meet or training session

Private individuals: have a circus party or picnic, invite your friends to dress-up circus-style, serve hotdogs and popcorn; wear a silly hat to work and let your colleagues in on the fun

Now you’ve got some ideas, the next step is to choose a date to celebrate if Saturday 18th doesn’t work for you. Any time during the lead-up week is fine – just do something!

Next, go on-line to www.circusfederation.org/world_circus_day and follow the links to register your event. This is most important as it is the only way we can see just what celebrations are being held all over the world, and more importantly, informs you of other events that are happening in your area so you can join in with them, too.

Every year the number of participating groups registering an event in the Antipodes has GROWN immensely. So, many thanks to all those who took part last year, and a big “welcome” to all you new participants. Have fun! Oh, and all participating groups and individuals receive a certificate of appreciation from Princess Stephanie. How good is that?

Video: World Circus Day Video Montage 1 via www.circusfederation.org/world_circus_day
ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.circusfederation.org/world_circus_day