givenowbutton2Help us to support the Australian circus and physical theatre community by making a donation. We are asking our mates and their mates to make a tax deductible donation to support our cultural work. We need 1000 Mates to donate $10 (ask anyone and everyone you know) to help us achieve our target before June 30.

We are ACAPTA.

ACAPTA was first established in 1999 and we continue to support out artists by delivering a national program that is sector driven and which supports circus artists to network, collaborate and create.

Last year we provided our members and the wider circus community with a range of ground-breaking initiatives: two networking SESH’s (Melbourne & the Gold Coast), awarded a creative development commission grant in partnership with the City of Gold Coast; the 2014 National Youth Circus Symposium in partnership with Cirkidz (Adelaide), Best Emerging Circus Performer Award, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2014 Green Room ‘innovation in circus’ Award; the PASS (peer assessment street safety) Project for the City of Melbourne; key partner of Catapult Festival (Bathurst, NSW) and Gasworks Arts Park Circus Showdown; and  attended a number of key networking events to support and advocate for the inclusion of Australian Circus Artists and Companies in European projects scheduled for 2013-2015 and much much more… Read more HERE.

WHAT IS ‘1000 MATES FOR 10’?

ACAPTA supports all Australian circus artists with real opportunities, because circus makes the world a better place.

Our ’1000 mates for 10′  directly supports ACAPTA to launch Project-ReBoot, a new, exciting, ground-breaking and visionary circus arts project which focuses on providing young people who live in regional and remote communities with the opportunity to participate in the circus arts.

Project-ReBoot supports a small but highly skilled team of professional circus artists to deliver circus arts workshops to young people, aged 12 to 20, who live in regional and remote communities in Australia.

In-line with ACAPTA’s values of: diversity, inclusion, accessibility, respect and access to the arts we know that young Australians benefit socially, mentally, emotionally and physically when they participate in the circus arts.

Currently many young Australians have limited or no access to the circus arts – project-ReBoot directly addresses this situation and creates much needed change. But we need your support and generosity so help us deliver project-ReBoot.


We want to send 2-3 highly skilled circus artists to a regional/remote community for a minimum 3 months to work with local youth. This is not cheap. We need to factor in wages, transport, accommodation, circus equipment, venue fees and insurance just to get started. What sorts of costs are involved?  Here are some rough figures…

$10.00 – Will provide one set of juggling balls for our regional/remote participants to work with to build co-ordination, concentration and confidence.

$50.00 – Will provide fruit and nutritious snacks [morning/afternoon tea] for a group of young people for one day to ensure energy levels remain high and to encourage local children to develop healthy behavioural patterns.

$100.00 – This will provide ten Hoola Hoops for our regional/remote participants to work with to keep them active and they will have lots of fun.

$200.00 to $400.00 – This will cover one return flight for our Circus artists to travel to regional communities to share their circus knowledge and skills with the local kids and their families.

$1000.00 – This will pay for a shared rental house for our circus artists for one week so they can they immerse themselves in the local scene, by working with the kids to build their trust and confidence.

$1200.00 – This will pay one highly skilled, hard-working professional circus artist to work with, encourage and inspire a group of local young people for one week.


ACAPTA is passionate about our Circus and Physical Theatre community and the values that our community holds. We truly believe that Circus makes the world a better place. Your donation will back us to do what we do best which is to provide opportunities, networking, research and advocacy services to all of our professional, youth, Indigenous, community, small to medium, emerging & independent circus & physical theatre companies & artists.

We thank you sincerely for your support.

Gail Kelly, Angela Pamic and the ACAPTA Board.

* Then known as the National Circus and Physical Theatre Association (NCPTA). Read our History.