Spruik online - Scott

[SCOTT GRAYLAND] National Youth Circus Day Special – The Flying Fruit Fly Circus: A personal memory

  National Youth Circus Day Special In celebration of National Youth Circus Day, ACAPTA asked Scott Grayland if we could reproduce the following story about our oldest contemporary youth circus, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus. The story will also feature in our upcoming “Awesome As” book, a collection of hero stories from the Australian youth […]

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Spruik online - Vincent

[Vincent van Berkel] Creating From The Outside In

  Creating From The Outside In – Some notes. Vincent van Berkel and Rockie Stone were recently awarded Best Original New Circus at the Melbourne Fringe Festival for their performance, ‘Perhaps There Is Hope Yet’. The show was a physical exploration of the feelings and frustrations of the climate change debate, and included thoughtful integration of […]

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Spruik online - Kristy

[Kristy Seymour] Writing my PhD – A Circademic adventure

  Writing my PhD – A Circademic adventure [Or: I wanna be like Reg Bolton and Peta Tait when I grow up] “After being a circus artist for eighteen years I wondered what my next step should be. After all, what could be as seemingly impossible and masochistic as circus? It would have to be […]

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[Aaron Walker] Reflections from the Montreal Circus Arts Festival

  Reflections from the Montreal Circus Arts Festival Hosted in a city that prides itself as being the centre of the international circus world, the Montreal Circus Arts Festival carries the expectation to push circus into all kinds of shapes and sizes. Being lucky enough to be there for the 2015 season just this last […]

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[Skye Gellmann] The Act of Storytelling Podcast

The Act of Storytelling Podcast 16 with circus maker & performer Skye Gellmann A podcast about Australian storytelling in all its forms, hosted by and featuring Australians in the arts industry. Podcast 16: Skye Gellman Bravery and Introspection prove to be hot topics this month, as Nick and Lauren deliver insight into their lives for […]

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[Skye Gellmann] Process: Body Preparation

  Process: Body Preparation I recently did a four-day master class with an amazing physical theatre company, Stalker. In short, throughout the workshop we did dance, yoga, theatre, improvisation, acrobatics, adagio, as well as working with apparatus. They draw on all types of physical prowess to produce their art and while Stalker’s process seems quite […]

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[Sarah Ward] I’m having an artlife crisis!

  We all have our own idea of what defines art, it’s very subjective. I won’t be precocious and dictate it’s parameters but I do like a good rigorous discussion between friends because I’m passionate about it. At the moment it’s a very tender subject. What defines art? What defines ‘excellence’? Who deserves funding? Where is […]

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[Robin Laurie] Parliament? It’s a Circus!

…. We thought we’d start Spruik online, ACAPTA’s new monthly rave on Australian Circus, by harking back to our first ever Spruik! from 2009. Held as part of the Melbourne Festival, Spruik! had the the circus and carnie folk of Melbourne throwing ideas like knives into the stratosphere. Armed only with a microphone and 20 images, artists tackled the politics, the poetry and […]

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SPRUIK Online: raving about circus

WATCH THIS SPACE as we bring you a collection of writings, musings and provocations about the circus and physical theatre arts today! Keep your eyes peeled and your reflexes finely tuned ready for the best from the brightest contemporary thinkers and writers in this online forum of ideas and aesthetics. We’re here to SPRUIK circus!

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