Lauren Watson – Adaptive Aerial Artist

Lauren is a Queensland based aerialist, graphic designer and  blogger who discovered her love of circus in an unlikely venue.

Bradford Whelan Photography

Bradford Whelan Photography

HOW DID YOU GET INTO CIRCUS?  In 2000 I suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident and after a decade of doing physiotherapy I decided I need to try something new to take me to the next level of recovery. I hunted around for something that stood out and on a random trip to the local shopping centre saw an aerial demonstration and from there I was hooked. 


WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO? Im a graphic designer, designing logos for Industry aerial arts, Flyworx Entertainment and Circus Corridor, and I also make costumes. I run a aerial beginner blog called where I publish posts by myself and other artists.  I’m aiming for the blog to become the hub and source of good information for beginner aerialists all over the world.


Photo Credit: Clipped Productions


WHAT DOES CIRCUS/PHYSICAL THEATRE MEAN TO YOU? It means everything, since I started I’ve really created this connection between my body and the apparatus and It has really helped my mobility. It’s more than just a physical outlet as it has become my passion and I’ve really dived right in and immersed myself in the art.


WHAT’S THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR CIRCUS/PHYSICAL THEATRE CAREER SO FAR? I’m still emerging and because what I do is so unique within the circus community, my highlight would be being featured in a music video for indie Sydney band Little Fox when the director was looking for a contemporary dancer. I decided to contact them and take the risk and they loved what I did so they called me up and offered me the role. It was an amazing experience to see what it’s like to be in front of a camera.


IF YOU WEREN’T DOING CIRCUS, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING RIGHT NOW? I would be working as a graphic designer for the circus and arts community and working on designing more costumes for an Australian market.



Bradford Whelan Photography

WHAT SKILLS DO YOU LIKE PERFORMING AND WHY? I love my aerial chair, I had it made and I chose the measurements myself which was really scary as I didn’t know if it would be the right size. Lucky for me it was and I love playing around it like a maze. It gives me the opportunity to explore space and I feel there so much you can do with it.


WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN 5 YEARS TIME? In 5 years time I would love to be a teaching assistant in aerial hammock as it was the first aerial apparatus I mastered and it’s a great introduction for beginners. I hope to have some more performing experience under my belt and to have started performing in fringe festivals in Australia and overseas.


WHY DO WE NEED CIRCUS/PHYSICAL THEATRE IN THE WORLD? Because the world looks better upside down.