Dawn Pascoe [WA]

Dawn Pascoe1639_2 349x524Dawn Pascoe has been performing aerial dance for the past 10 years… and is due to have a baby next month. Like many circus artists, she has devoted her life to making her art her career, which she loves and is grateful for. She has degrees in Theatre Arts (WAAPA) and Circus (CircoArts) and is based in Perth where she runs Natural Wings. Last year Natural Wings toured to Canada and WON the Toronto Buskerfest, which is one of the largest Street Art Festivals in the world… and then she got pregnant!

How do find combining Pregnancy and Trapeze?:
Hard! No, to begin with it was normal as could be, but some days I would nap on the hard studio floor because my body was going through so many changes. I could nap anywhere!

However I wanted to perform for as long as possible and so I choreographed an act which I knew I could perform for many months. It was centred around the idea that my baby was to be ‘my resolution.’ When I performed this act, alot of people were moved to tears which was so special. It was especially special the last time I performed it- My husband came up and gave me a big hug and told me that the act was perfect.

What challenges have you faced?:
I have run into some festival organisers who did not think a pregnant person could walk let alone perform trapeze, so there have been a few knock-backs along the way.

I also learnt that I should relax my abs for my last trimester, so I went as hard as I could up until then. It was a bit emotional at my last gig to say goodbye to my trapeze, which I see as my first baby. And now my calluses are almost gone!

But I am enjoying doing different things now, and I use my creative energy in different ways. I have designed alot of maternity clothing, and have learnt to make raw cheesecakes. I do a lot of swimming and yoga which is satisfying my active side (I’m sure alot of people are the same as me and will go completely mad if they stop being active – just ask my hubby!!)

What advantages have you found that you didn’t expect?:
I re-learnt to love diabolo; I’ve done alot of directing which I adore; My legs are so toned from the extra weight they haul around; I have connected with people of all ages and sterotypes just by having a big belly; I have time for social lunches; And I have a beautiful baby growing inside me!

I’ve found pregnancy to be a breeze and still feel very fit and healthy. It’s been the most incredible experience to feel my baby move from within and I’m looking forward to meeting her.

My advice to others is to do what feels natural. Your body will let you know what you can and can’t do. Enjoy what you are able to do … And now please go training for me!

A duet… to be continued. [Video shot at 15 weeks and again 28 weeks pregnant]

Published on Mar 25, 2014

Dawn Pascoe is a trapeze artist, and her is the act that she has created and performed throughout her pregnancy. The last performance was at 28 weeks pregnant. This is a very special act to me. Music is “Resolution” by Matt Corby.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Adam Battle-Wayre. [Photograph taken late April at 33 weeks pregnant]