Carnival Chronicles

ChroniclesHeader 524x349_0This month, we thought we’d do something a little different.

Rather than feature a single ACAPTA member, we thought we’d feature a collective of circus folk who have got together to create Carnival Chronicles .

Carnival Chronicles is a fantastic Blog on the ‘Carnival’ scene in Australia – Circus, Sideshow, Vaudeville, Cabaret, Music and physical theatre with a bunch of creative contributors from within this scene – powered by Carnival Cinema.

They  have veteran performers and Master Showmen as well as young souls with their fingers on the Carnival’s hot little pulse. They’ve got art – pictures, video’s, travel blogs, Carnival Philosophy, thoughts and inspirations all lined up for you. You can check out their Tumblr account here.



If you’re interested in becoming a contributor then send an email to with a bit of background. Or if you know any of the contributors, get in contact via whatever means you wish. Even if you just have one or two articles or posts you would like to share.