Warehouse Circus

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Aleshia Flanagan
Chifley Health and Well-being Hub,
4/70  Maclaurin Crescent, Chifley ACT 2606.

E: admin@warehousecircus.org.au
P: (02) 6260 3626
W: warehousecircus.org.au

Warehouse Circus has been operating in Canberra since 1990. It began as a three month youth arts project at Belconnen Youth Centre Inc (BYC) and was so successful, it became a permanent program. In 2003, changes to youth services provision in the Belconnen area saw the end of the BYC. In order not to lose the benefits that the Warehouse Circus program provided to the Canberra community, a ‘not-for-profit’ community association (Warehouse Circus Inc.) was formed.

Over the past 23 years, Warehouse Circus has become a prominent youth circus. From its Headquarters at Chifley (and recent expansion to Kaleen), it provides high quality programs – after school, school holiday programs and now, as part of the performing pathways curriculum at UC High School Kaleen. Warehouse Circus encourages healthy lifestyle choices and self-expression through circus arts. Circus training programs empower young people to participate in their own personal and social development. In addition to physical and creative skills, Warehouse Circus provides young people with positive role models, solid friendships, and life skills such as self-esteem, facing fears, taking responsibility and leadership.

As well as the programs on offer Warehouse Circus service the ACT community with workshops and performances for all kinds of events. The core programs run weekly alongside the ACT school term and include Tiny Tucks (3-5 years), Half Highs (5-7 years) and Kick Ups (beginner 8 years and up), Intermediates, Adults, Gold 50 Plus, Aerials, Chinese Pole and DanceAcro. The advanced performers train twice week in a program called A-Troupe. As well as performing at events they perform Warehouse Circus’ annual major production.

Warehouse Circus does a major event each year which alternates between holding a festival, Circus For Life Festival, and running a Regional Tour. As well as creating something to deliver the greater community to promote Warehouse Circus and circus as a healthy fun activity, the reason for having these big events is to bond our members and create an positive community spirit.

Warehouse Circus is coming to a stabilising period after tremendous growth. New in-school programs, special needs programs, afterschool programs and specialty classes have opened in the past two years and exciting partnerships have formed. Warehouse aims to be strongly networked into the circus industry and continue to deliver quality services to the Canberra area.

SPECIALTIES: Trainer, Circus School