The DIG Collective

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The DIG Collective
Melbourne, VIC
+61 4 1703 5902

The DIG Collective are a physical theatre collective committed to exploring non-linear and highly-physical story telling. They revel in the potential of their individual, physical bodies and are dedicated to making work that relies on a live connection with an audience.  The collective prefers making work over long gestation periods that allow for the ability to source materials sustainably. Their work is strongly based in collaboration and engages a community of practitioners. Comprised of alumni of The University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts, they have strong ties to both its present and past performance communities and draw on the performance practices of these communities as well as artists such as Rude Mechs, Goat Island, DV8 and Forced Entertainment.

The DIG Collective perform in theatres, on streets, in festivals, in cupboards and wherever great art is supported. They also love to share what they do – get in touch.

You can find out about all their performances, development projects and training programs via their website

SPECIALTIES: Physical Theatre, Contemporary Performance, Clown, Festivals and more.

The DIG Collective are an independent company based in Melbourne.