The Amazing Hazel


Hazel Bock
Melbourne, Victoria

+61 4 23 122 984

Since she can remember, Hazel Bock has always loved being on stage, thriving on making the audience smile and gasp. She has performed at countless festivals, celebrations and corporate events around Australia and across the globe.

After graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts in 2003, she spent ten years as a freelance artist. She created her own company, Circus Catharsis, with acrobat Avan Whaite, devising and performing three original shows (The Frog Prince, Evermind and The Diary of Alexander Fleming) which explored the narrative and theatrical possibilities of circus.

She also worked with established circus companies including four years with the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, several tours with Circus Quirkus (New Zealand), and guest spots with Circus Monoxide, CIRCA and Robinson’s Family Circus. Hazel specialises in Juggling and Foot Juggling (lying on her back and manipulating objects with her feet). This is one girl with a set of very clever toes.

SPECIALTIES:  Clown, Juggling, Foot Juggling, Antipodist and more.

Hazel Bock is an independent artist and trainer based in Melbourne, Victoria