Spaceless Circus


Latonya Wigginton and Abby Kelso (Spaceless Circus)
Melbourne, VIC and Brisbane, QLD
+61 4 2271 0190

Photography by EmmelineD Photography []

Spaceless Circus
Spaceless Circus is an independent circus duo comprised of Abby Kelso and Latonya Wigginton. Growing up in Queensland, they come from a youth circus background and have been training and performing together for eight years.

Spaceless Circus creates works that meld circus, theatre and music for a highly interactive and engaging experience.

Their latest show Working on a Dream is an interactive children’s show about a girl travelling through a surreal dreamscape where all is not as it seems. Having just finished a season at the Melbourne Fringe, Spaceless Circus are excited to be working towards an Australian tour in 2017.

Abby and Latonya also have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge with others, and strongly believe that circus is a fantastic way to inspire confidence and empowerment, as well as to promote creativity in the arts and encourage active lifestyles. As a result, they are looking to expand the social circus aspect of their work and combine their performances with workshops to expand circus’ positive effect throughout communities.

SPECIALTIES: Acrobat, Aerialist, Clown, Juggler, MC / Compere & Street Performer.

Spaceless Circus are an independent company who are self produced. They perform and teach together across Australia.