Slipstream Circus

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Slipstream Circus
Ulverstone, Tasmania

P: 0459028352

Since Slipstream Circus began in 1997, it has grown from an alternate class within a gymnastics club, to a circus school/performance troupe with over 150 students.

Students from as young as 2 and as old as 65 attend classes to try trapeze, aerial ring, silks, gymnastics, juggling, tight wire, hula hoop, diabolo, roller boller, acrobalance, globe, hat (and the list could go own).

Slipstream Circus is proud to offer Social Circus programs to ensure that anyone in the wider community can access the many benefits of circus.

SPECIALTIES: Independent Company, Circus School,  Youth Circus, Social Circus, Trainer, Performances,  Acrobat, Aerialist, Clown, Contortionist, Fire Artist, Juggler, Street Performer,  Director, Producer, Designer, Dogger, Stage/Production Manager, Stage Crew, Circus Gear Maker.